23 August 2011

revuesday - Wild Edibles

The other night, my mom stopped in for a visit, dinner and a movie.  Since my one job is right near Penn Station, we decided to catch a flick in Kipps Bay.  Only problem was, as soon as work lets out, I get the heck out of there.  I know nothing of that neighborhood other than the movie theater, my office and the train station.  A quick search of all the regular foodie blogs pulled up few options that weren’t a. ridiculously too expensive b. poorly reviewed or c. way too chain restaurant-y.  And to make matters worse, Lizzie B suggested seafood.  What?!  How was I supposed to find a decent seafood spot in Kipps Bay that was close enough to the theater that we’d catch our movie, not outrageously expensive, had space for us on a busy Friday evening, and served tasty food?  Well thank goodness for the magic of the internet because I found a gem on 3rd Avenue - Wild Edibles.

This tiny storefront may appear to just be a discreet fresh fish market, but their few tables suggest so much more!  We were quickly seated because of the early-bird hour, but if you go during normal supper times, prepare to wait as this place is itsy bitsy.  Though the fish is on ice right next to the bar, even on a hot summer evening, it never had the odor of a bait shop which was pleasant.  They only have a few beers on tap, but they’re local, quality brews.  Their wine list is quite extensive but there is no liquor so if you’re into cocktails, stop somewhere for happy hour and apertifs on your way in.
The food is incredible.  We started off with a warm seafood salad filled with clams, mussels, slice fennel, white beans, shrimp and calamari in a light and zesty white wine broth on a be of arugula.  Beside that were some of the freshest slams casino - giant half shells with applewood smoked bacon!  I’ve decided that the warm seafood salad was one of the most delicious treats I’ve ever had and am now completely determined to replicate it so look forward to a future posting when I do just that; just give me a little bit of time to save up some money.  I think it’s the perfect late summer nosh for a breezy and warm evening.  If only I had a beach and a bonfire and a few bottles of chilled white wine... something to work towards achieving I suppose.
lizzie b!
After a second round of drinks, we were met with our unbelievable delectable entree - the lobster roll!  Unlike other lobster rolls which are always delicious, but sometimes lack any flavor other than the lobster, this shellfish stuffed hot dog bun was flavored with just a hint of Old Bay which brought me longingly back to my days in Baltimore.  Huge lumps of lobster with just a touch of mayo and spice were paired with perfectly crispy fries seasoned with the same Old Bay flavor.  

Neither of us felt too full at the end of the meal, which can sometimes be problematic with the amount of butters and oils that tend to be loaded up on seafood.  And the market prices of each meal didn’t break the bank.  Wild Edibles is certainly a place I plan on revisiting and will continue to recommend to visitors, especially those who fear venturing outside of the Midtown area.  Also being recommended by me, Crazy Stupid Love.  Go see it.  It’s super funny but touching at the same time... plus Ryan Gossling is such a fox.

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