06 January 2012

aloha amanda!

My dear friend Amanda has decided to take herself on the adventure of a lifetime - she's moving to Hawaii for a couple of months!  To send her off in fashion, we threw her an Aloha party and I fixed her up this delicious pineapple upside-down cake.  Though I used the same recipe that I always do, I tried it out with a different pan this time.  I'm sure we all remember the debacle of my Thanksgiving pear & walnut upside-down cake.  Well, this was a much more successful venture.  Perhaps it's because I waited until the cake was finished before I started indulging in the bubbly... or maybe it's because I used my beautiful chrysanthemum bundt cake pan.  Because of the deepness of the pan, the dense cake seemed to fluff up a bit.  Plus the ooey gooey melty caramel poured off of it like a volcano which was appropriately Hawaiian.  Funny fact - for Amanda's birthday last year, I fixed her up one of the world's best coconut cakes.  Something about the choices she makes for her sweet tooth lead me to believe that she had a predisposition to become a Polynesian Princess.  We're all sure to miss our dear gal and eagerly await her suntanned return.  Maybe I'll fix her up an apple cake to welcome her back to the Empire State.  And since Aloha means goodbye and hello, I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to say that another Aloha party will be in the works!  So, until your return, know that we love you and will miss you and hope that you have a great trip!  And Amanda, be sure to bring us back some awesome Kona coffee, macadamia nuts, and any other tasty treats from the islands.

we miss you already! xoxo

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