26 March 2013


Ever since I won(!) my KitchenAid I've been blabbering on about how I wanted to get the ice cream maker attachment and make homemade ice cream all the time. And there was one ice cream flavor that I was particularly fascinated with whipping up - avocado. Before you say gross, hear me out. Avocados are a fruit, pretty much my favorite fruit because they are creamy, sweet, full of nutrients and good for you stuff, and the color is gorgeous. Sounds like I'm describing ice cream, doesn't it? (Yes ice cream is good for you! Remember? It healed my broken leg.) They're perfect year round and can be used for every meal, in an omelette or spread on toast for breakfast, adorning a turkey club for lunch, blended into guacamole for a mid-afternoon snack, mixed into a soup, topping a salad or sliced on grilled chicken breast with tomatoes for supper. Why not take advantage of their versatility and flavor by creating something sweet with them? What's sweeter, creamier, and more adaptable than ice cream? I'm sure you're in agreement with me by now because plenty of other people have had the same idea. Seriously, just start typing in 'avocado ice cream' into a search bar and you'll see dozens of delicious results!

you've got to be crazy if you think that doesn't look delicious!
The first recipe to be listed was from Alton Brown. I've never prepared any of his recipes before, but I like him. He's kind of goofy, a bit loud, finds the science of food fascinating, and he was a Boy Scout, so he's a decent guy in my book. He's also friendly with my boy, Bourdain and let's face it, that doesn't hurt his cause. I followed his recipe exactly and it turned out to be delicious and the lovely pale green was very appropriate for St Patrick's Day (I made this a couple weeks ago.) The only problem I had? this recipe makes a banana boatload of ice cream! So much ice cream, I had to put it in two jumbo containers in my freezer AND eat a big bowl as soon as it was finished and still had some left in the mixer bowl. This is not a complaint, but I would have thrown a sundae party had I known I would have this much frozen goodness to consume. Thankfully I had Honey to help me out with quite a bit of it through the weekends but I'm still chipping away at my avocado iceberg!

The other day I was inspired, yet again, by my avocado ice cream dream. Honey and I were on our way home from running errands (we're such grownups now,) and we drove past a Stewart's. Apparently they don't have Stewart's in Connecticut because Honey had no idea what it was. No clue that the delicious root beer was served on draft over vanilla ice cream alongside all-American classics like burgers and fries and hotdogs and gyros! And that you can have it all served on a tray that attaches to your car door! And that back in the day it may or may not have been served by girls on skates! We didn't stop because I insist on only partaking in a place like that in the summertime, but the simple thought of a warm day's tasty treats left me craving a float! But checking off all the tasks on our honey-do list left me lazy, so much so that I didn't want to take a stroll to my favorite place, Safeway, for vanilla ice cream and root beer. So I was stuck with a craving all weekend long... until Honey gave me the idea of using what I had in the house: avocado ice cream and ginger beer. The crisp, spicy fizz from the ginger beer paired perfectly with the cool, fresh flavor of the avocado ice cream. Mmm a pair made in paradise! Trust me, if you have an ice cream maker, get it out, buy some avocados, freeze dessert, and pour some crisp, cold ginger beer over it in a frosty glass! Enjoy and keep preparing yourself for the warmer weather... this snow will be gone before we know it!

ready for a twister of goodness

maybe the wicked witch had such great, green skin
from all the avocados she ate!

Alton Brown's avocado ice cream (adapted courtesy Alton Brown, 2005 via
12 oz avocado meat, approx 3 medium to large avocados
1 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 1/2 c whole milk
1/2 c sugar
1 c heavy cream
1. Put the avocado meat (peeled and pitted, of course) into a blender or food processor with lemon juice, milk and sugar; puree. Transfer to a mixing bowl and whisk in heavy cream. Chill in the fridge 4-6 hours or until it reaches 40 degrees or chillier.
2. Move mixture to your ice cream maker and mix according to directions, but take into consideration the mix may ice-cream-up quicker than other ice creams. Serve immediately if you like a soft ice cream, freeze for firmer ice cream and longevity.
3. To enjoy a super tasty float, pour spicy ginger beer (like Cock 'n Bull brand) over scoops of avocado ice cream in a tall, chilled glass with a straw and a spoon! Enjoy like it's summertime, whether or not it actually is!

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