24 August 2012

happy national waffle day!

It seems that each and every day is national something day, doesn't it?  One day it's national macaron day and the next it's hamburger day... how's a girl to keep up?  Well, there is a pretty comprehensive list over at The Nibble, but I prefer to just wing it.  I am usually informed of the holiday by another food blogger, my kid sister (how she knows about everything, always I'll never know,) or a news piece on some marvelous munchies and then I end up frantically rushing around to find said tasty treat or buy all the ingredients to make it all on my own.  And in my usual fashion, I found out about National Waffle day after breakfast and without anyone to share all those perfect little squares with!  Fortunately though, on an extremely long trek through the suburbia that is Queens, I stumbled upon this little gem -  

Holy cow, that must be the oldest carvel in the world!  Well, according to this ancient article from Gothamist, it isn't.  But according to the very sweet gals behind the counter, it's been around since at least the 1960s.  Now, while I did not celebrate the holiday with chicken and waffles or Waffle House or even Waffle & Wolf, I did celebrate it in a way that would make my daddy-o proud - with some vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone.  My dad loves Carvel.  I mean LOVES Carvel!  We used to drive nearly thirty minutes to go get flying saucers and soft serve cones when I was a kid.  And though it's true that waffle cones are better suited to scoop-able ice cream, the soft serve did just the trick on a celebratory hot and sweaty Friday afternoon.  So a happy holiday to you all!  Tomorrow morning will bring actual waffles (a day late and a silver dollar pancake short, but appropriate nonetheless,) my waffle maker is in need of some usage since I'm pretty sure I've only used it once since I got it for Christmas three years ago.  Yikes!  But celebrate we will and while we're at it, let's celebrate my daddy-o, too!

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