28 March 2011

just what brooklyn needs...

Another twenty-something with a passion for food.  I get lost in the Union Square green market three times a week.  I spend hours wandering the aisles of my local grocery stores.  I can spend an entire paycheck at specialty markets.  On the rare occasion I can afford it, I scour the streets of the five boroughs for great restaurants.  I have a giant crush on Anthony Bourdain.  I'm Jillian and I'm a food lover with a stolen internet connection and some free time.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this isn't another blog dedicated to discussing snobbish food ideals and I'm not another blogger looking for a book deal.  This is just going to be about the things I like in and out of my kitchen.  I'll be honest, this will mostly be a venue for me to share new recipes and show off newly acquired chef-like skills.  Maybe I'll find the time and money to write a restaurant review.  Maybe instead it'll be a book review (by the way, I'm a librarian.)  Perhaps I'll share some ideas about my sister's wedding or a party I want to throw.  I'm sure I'll write a word or two about my never-ending job search.  Really though, this will mostly be about food.  Cooking is my creative outlet.  Unless you count a few cooking classes in high school, I have absolutely no formal training.  But my cabinets are full and my husband is tired of hearing me ramble on about recipe ideas I have and roasting techniques I want to try, so you (whoever you are) are the lucky folks who get to pull up a chair, grab a spoon and dig in to whatever I'm serving up.  Bon apetit!

"A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen and this kitchen is delirious." Anonymous

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