28 March 2013

holi moly

Reminiscing about my amazing vacation to Budapest the other night (I haven't unpacked everything just yet, at least not enough to compose a post, but I promise I'll get one out soon,) brought about a strong feeling of wanderlust. I've been a pretty lucky gal and have had quite a few opportunities to stamp my passport. But it's been quite some time since my last exotic adventure and I'd like to go overseas again pretty soon. I'm getting that antsy feeling that can only be quelled by immersing myself into an entirely different culture.

One of the locales on my dream travel list is India and it turns out that Honey wants to go to there, too! Our shared desire to travel to the Near East started a tailspin of talking about how amazing a trip to India would be and these images from the Spring festival of Holi made me yearn to have those colors and experiences in my life. Have any of you darlings ever been to India? What are your dream travel destinations?

(images via Time)

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